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Exhibition Lisa Larson

アートインプレッション リサ・ラーソン 展覧会 企画 ライオン 北欧 美術 陶芸 Lisa Larson Japan exhibition リサラーソン アートインプレッション 展覧会 白くま 北欧 アート 美術 陶芸 Lisa Larson  Japan  exhibition リサ・ラーソン アートインプレッション 展覧会 猫 キャット afrika 北欧 美術 アート Lisa Larson  Japan  exhibition  Lilla Zoo  kat
リサ・ラーソン リサラーソン アートインプレッション 展覧会 猫を抱くスティナ 舟の漁師 スティナ 北欧 美術 アート リサ・ラーソン リサラーソン アートインプレッション 展覧会 長くつ下のピッピ 長靴下のピッピ 北欧 美術 アート リサ・ラーソン リサラーソン 展覧会 企画 アートインプレッション ユニセフ 北欧デザイン Lisa Larson Japan exhibition

Lisa Larson was born in the southern Swedish city Harlunda
in 1931.  She went to the art school in Gothenburg and took ceramic for her career.

 In 1954 at the design competition in Helsinki, her unique talent fascinated Stig Lindberg who was the leading person in Swedish ceramic and also the director of Gustavsberg’s porcelain factory.
And after the graduation, she was employed at Gustavsberg’s porcelain factory between 1954 and 1980. During her work there she created several hundred different designs, like the series of “Lilla Zoo (Little Zoo)” that were first products by the artist, and she has become a popular ceramist in Sweden.
After leaving Gustavsberg’s porcelain factory in 1979, Lisa Larson continued working very actively as a development ceramist for the world.  In 1992 the Ceramic Studio Gustavsberg was founded and began reproducing works created earlier by Lisa Larson. After that many products of Lisa Larson like warm and cute animal form ceramics and also rather naive human figures have been sold and are now very popular in the world.
We are planning the first retrospective exhibition of Lisa Larson in Japan who is today one of the most known and impressive Swedish ceramic artists.  Through the exhibition, you can see wide scope of activities and principal works including the life style of the artist.
ⓒLisa Larson / Thomas Carlgren

【Date & Place】

10 September - 23 September 2014
Organized by: Matsuya Ginza

19 Novenber - 8 Desember 2014
Organized by: Hankyu Umeda Gallery

7 March - 7 June 2015
Organized by: The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art

10 June - 16 June 2015
Organized by: JR Nagoya Takashimaya

28 July - 28 September 2015
Organized by: Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi

17 September - 28 September 2015
Organized by: Sapporo Mitsukoshi

14 October - 26 October 2015
Organized by: Fukuoka Mitsukoshi.

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Organized by:
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NHK Service Center Inc.

Official pagtronage: Embassy of Sweden in Japan

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