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Exhibition Lisa Larson


Lisa Larson is a Swedish ceramist who is especially popular in Japan. Her well known, warm and friendly animal forms have been produced in Gustavsberg. Alongside her design work, Lisa has always experimented with her own unique ceramics, creating abstractly decorated vessels and human sculptures that convey both her sense of humor and a deeper, more sombre, side. The Japanese public have great interest in her works and also fascinated by her life style and energy. She is now continuing to create works even at the age of 85. The exhibition was composed of two parts. First part is for a “retrospective” section that will be produced by the curator Love Jönsson, based on the comprehensive exhibition for Lisa Larson organized by the Röhsska Museum in 2016. About 130 pieces including the principal and well-known works and also never shown in Japan was presented. The second part is rather for “unique sculptures” produced by Mattias Larson, containing about 50 pieces. In this part, the audience would get to know a different side of the artist, where she has a more independent expression and is free from production limitations. Here is also sculptures and paintings by Gunnar Larson, husband of Lisa. They were placed to create a resonance in between, visualizing the two artists’ influence on each other.
ⓒ Lisa Larson / Alvaro Campo

【Date & Place】 

13 September - 25 September 2017
Matsuya Ginza Exhibition Hall

29 November - 11 December 2017
Hankyu Umeda Gallery, Art Stage 13

December - 19 December 2017
Shizuoka Isetan Exhibition Space 1

April - 10 June 2018
Sapporo Art Museum

25 July - 15 August 2018
Kokura Izutsuya

1 September - 11 November 2018
Niitsu Art Museum

16 March - 6 May 2019
Onomichi City Museum of Art

【For all the venues above】

Organized by: Matsuya Ginza and the museum

In each venue Patronized by: Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo

Special collaboration by: Rohsska Museum, Gothenburg

Sponsor by: Finnair, Finnair Cargo

Cordinated by: Art Impression Inc.

Cooperation by: Tonkachi