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100th Anniversary Exhibition Yokoyama Misao - Japanese-style Painter


Misao Yokoyama (1920-1973) is a Japanese painter who was born in Tsubame City (formerly Yoshida Town) in Niigata Prefecture. He moved to Tokyo to study Western-style painting at the age of 14 while working at Ishikawa Ikkodo Design Company. Initially, He aspired to be a western-style painter but since he enrolled in an evening course at Kawabata school of painting, he started his career as a Japanese painter. When he was 20 years old, he received the first prize when he exhibited for the first time organized by Seiryu-sha. It was a big opportunity for Misao Yokoyama to make his career as a Japanese painter. At the end of the year, he was called into the army, and he stayed there as a prisoner of war. After World War II, he came back to Japan at the age of 30years old. After returning to Japan while working at Fuji neon as a designer he continually executed Japanese paintings in the morning and evening for about 8 years. During these years, Misao started his career as a Japanese painter in earnest. His dynamic and powerful style with the base of black color energized the people of the postwar reconstruction period and he became to be called “a hero of Japanese painting in the post-war in Japan. During the period of high economic growth, " Red Mount. Fuji" by Misao Yokoyama was admired by many Japanese people as a symbol of powerful Japan. He became famous and popular rather suddenly making his position immobile as a Japanese painter. He seemed to be on track as a Japanese painter but after leaving Fuji neon, he worked hard every day as if he was trying to regain the time lost by the war. He finished one painting in only two days. Stroked by apoplexy, the right half of his body was paralyzed. He was forever to paint with his left hand. However, he was again stroked and passed away at 53 years old. His production was only for about 20 years. But he creatively left many masterpieces such as” En En Sakurajima”,” Tou”, Gaku”,” Wall Street”,” Setsugen”, ” Koshiji Jitsukei”,” Shoushou Hakkei”,” Akane”,” Furusato ” during his short life. In this exhibition, we displayed important rarely-seen works including “Tosenba” which is his first prize at the Japanese paint competition organized by Seiryu-sha as a student in the evening school at Kawabata school of painting. As well as some small works and drawings that have been exhibited in his exhibition so far.

【Date & Place】

18 September - 3 November 2020
The suiboku Museum, Toyama
Organized by: The suiboku Museum, Toyama,THE KITANIPPON SHIMBUN, Kitanihon Broadcasting

23 January - 21 March 2021
Niitsu Art Museum
Organized by: Niitsu Art Museum

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