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Exhibition “Corporate Art Collection
- Monet, Renoir, and Chagall… from a Japanese private corporate collection”
〈Collaboration in Editing a Catalogue〉

In this exhibition, the main theme is for exploring the development of French modern landscape painting through the motif,“Trees” From the ancient period, “Tree” in the paintings were given mlti-roles, and painted as “Tree of Life” in the Old testament, “Yggdrasil”in the mythologies in the North Europe, and “the Tree of Jesse” presenting the genealogy of Jesus Christ. In the history of French paintings, landscapes have been a part of background of paintings. However, the artists of Ecole de Barbizon who loved to paint the nature itself, focused on “Threes” as a main motif of their paintings. And then, trees become appropriate subject for impressionists and neo-impressionists to represent light and shadow. Moreover, Post-impressionist and the artists of Fauvism developed the abstract art by regarding trees as the element to compose their paintitngs. There are 113 master-pieces in this exhibition from the museums which is mainly in France and the private collection. You will find how Trees have been painted by the artists of romanticism, Barvison, Impressionism and fauvism, and how it have been used for enhancing their art.
【Date & Place】

10 November - 24 December 2001
The Bunkamura Museum of Art
Organized by: TBS Tokyu Department Store Co.,Ltd. The Asahi Shimbun Council for the exhibition Corporate Art
Managed by : Bunkamura
Patronized by: Agency for Cultural Affairs TBS Radio & Communications,Inc.  

30 January - 17 February 2002
Daimaru Museum Umeda, Osaka
Organized by: Mainichi Broadcasting System,Inc. Council for the exhibition Corporate Art
Patronized by: Agency for Cultural Affairs,
The Mainichi Shimbun  

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